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July 13, at pm This is Jenna and Lee Farragut.

Our daughter, Ariana Farragut, was your normal fun, crazy, sweet little girl 25 days ago on November 10, On Nov. Not a big deal, so we thought.

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That night, Ariana started walking funny and vomiting a lot. We immediately thought concussion, but we waited to see how she was the next day.

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The next morning Nov 12 we took her to the pediatrician, and we were sent to the hospital for a CT to rule out a concussion. At that time, we were so worried it was a concussion… Little did btc top address know!

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The CT showed a possible cyst or tumor in her brain. We were given a few choices on places for an MRI, btc top address kids have to be sedated. I told Lee it must be a mistake and the other rooms were full… After a lot of talks with doctors, our heads spinning, we were told it was a tumor, and it would need to be operated on, BUT at the moment we had a bigger issue. The CT showed so much fluid on the brain, Ariana needed immediate surgery to put in an exterior ventricular drain. That surgery was about or 6 on Nov It was also attached to important high-functioning areas of the brain.

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Then she had a brain surgery on Nov 18 to try to get the tumor out. She made it through surgery wonderfully. Doctors, nurses, everyone was pleasantly surprised.

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We had an MRI the next day…. Roberts felt that he could get more out if he went in a second time, and so we put our trust in that.

ТОП 8 биткоин кошельков в году

Dr Roberts knew he got all he could, but that some still remained. We got her oncology report Nov.

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We knew we needed the best treatment possible, so we reached out to St Jude. She was sweating from all the steroids and antibiotics, or so we thought… We later found out she was leaking brain fluid from her stitches… and so she had her FOURTH surgery on Dec.

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She also btc top address a virus while in the hospital. Jude SOON!

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We need treatment, and we need it fast. Total of 6 surgeries She has had 4 localbitcoins новые правила of high dose IV chemo, 6 weeks of proton radiation to the brain, and 6 months of oral maintenance chemo.

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She has had several seizures and a lot of neuropathic pain. She is not cancer-free, but she WILL be!

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